Smucker’s 1850 Coffee

A Bold, Premium Coffee That Delivers Smooth Flavor

Guarantee your guests a great cup of coffee every morning with Smucker’s new 1850 Coffee.

Crafted for a Timeless Taste
Inspired by rich heritage and timelessness, 1850 by Folger’s delivers a bold, smooth lineup of fire-roasted, steel-cut coffees to delight and inspire that distinguished coffee consumer.

Carefully Crafted
Combines the benefits of 100% Arabica Coffee beans for a bolder more flavorful in-cup experience.

Creates more evenly roasted beans to deliver a consistent and distinct flavor with less bitterness

Results in a precise particle size for a more consistent brewing experience

Proven to Satisfy Guests Like Yours:
• Highly appealing to consumers, especially millennials
• Consumers rate 1850 as distinctly better tasting than other coffee brands

Consumers also report that TASTE is the greatest indicator of premium coffee, and with Folger’s 1850 premium ground coffee, a delightful flavor experience for your guests is never in question.

Help your guests start their day the right way with a cup of Folger’s 1850 coffee.

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