Perfect Parfait

Perfect Parfait Dispensers

Farm-to-table fresh experience with every spoonful of yogurt

Over 200 family-owned dairy farms under the Westby Cooperative Creamery are at the heart of every bite of Perfect Parfait yogurt. After over 100 years of extensive agronomic research, Perfect Parfait has crafted the perfect combination of real cane sugar, real vanilla bean extract, and other natural ingredients for its yogurt.

In the Cows Best Interest

Perfect Parfait farmers are committed to ensuring the best welfare for their cows through their strict no hormone policy and production of only rBST-free, grade A milk. As a result, Perfect Parfait yogurt is always produced in small batches containing live cultures, is kosher and Gluten free, and contains no artificial flavor.

Dispenser highlights include:

• Holds one 14lb bag of fresh Yogurt
• One 14 lb bag = 54/four-ounce servings
• Dispenser ships “plug & play” via truck freight

This is a great way to offer guests the fresh yogurt parfaits they love in a convenient, contactless portioned cup.

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